Giuseppe Pisano

Spontaneous Music Diffusions

Norwegian Academy of Music

Keywords: Sound studies, urban environments, 3D audio.

Core: Researching the affordances of the use of Ambisonics sound recording in the field of sonic ethnography in relation to culturescapes and urban environments.



My research proposes the implementation of the Ambisonics technology in sound-based ethnographic studies to explore the affordances of space-preservative audio formats in this context. The purpose of this project is to investigate how immersive sound technologies can supplement the production oalternative narratives of certain social dynamics and crises, expanding the current discourse on the acoustemologyof urban environments. 

Giuseppe Pisano (b. 1991, Naples) is an electroacoustic music composer and a researcher in the field of sound studies. His work is characterised by the use of field recordings as a means of exploring space and understanding society. His writing explores sound perception, storytelling, epistemology and politics. As a musician, he composes acousmatic music and is known as a computer music improviser and acousmonium performer.



Artistic Research Forum

This presentation will show the proceeding of my first year of research, my reflection work on the use of field recording in soundscape studies and the developments of the OAT project, and the artistic work. Morover I will outline how these proceedings represent the foundation of the project and how it is going to be developed.