Kalle Moberg

Extended Expectations

Norwegian Academy of Music

In his project Extended Expectations at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Moberg intends to expand on the accordion’s timbral and acoustic possibilities through new extended techniques, such as multiphonics, extreme bending, new facets of acoustic beats, stifled tones, and flexible microtonality.


As none of these techniques on the accordion seems to be neither documented nor explored Moberg will in his project explore the techniques in many different artistic settings; write a guide to aid composers in the writing of music including these techniques, as well as for other accordionists to learn the techniques; develop new written repertoire for the instrument in cooperation with composers; and establish new roles and aesthetics for the instrument and expand on peoples perception of the instrument. 


The techniques and effects the project is based on are multiple, new, unique, achievable on all concert level accordions and attainable to any proficient accordionist. The ambition for the project is to be of value to the international accordion milieu, the instrument’s repertoire, and the contemporary music scene.


Through thorough artistic and methodical research on these new techniques, Moberg wishes to present an accordion with a substantially broader identity.


Audio featuring Moberg solo, integrating instrumental techniques such as polyphonic acoustic beating, extreme bending, multiphonics and poly-dynamics. Music by Moberg, recorded by Jim O’Rourke in Steamroom Tokyo, Tokyo.


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Kalle Moberg (*1994) has excelled as one of Norway’s most promising musicians of his generation. His groundbreaking work with unconventional extended techniques on his main instrument - the accordion, is increasingly gaining international attention.

Moberg performs widely as a soloist and chamber musician in classical and contemporary music, in different folk musics, and as an improviser ranging from freely improvised music to jazz, and has been touring all over Europe, as well as the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Ethiopia.

Besides his bachelor degree studies in classical music at the Norwegian Academy of Music from 2013-2017, Moberg held the position as kapellmeister at The Norwegian Royal Palace. He left Norway in the fall of 2017 for a master's degree at Hochschule der Künste Bern in Switzerland, studying classical music performance under Teodoro Anzellotti (IT). After graduation in 2019, Moberg returned to his hometown Oslo and is now employed at the Norwegian Academy of Music undertaking a Ph.D. in artistic research - pursuing his pioneering work with extended instrumental-techniques on the accordion.