Sara Inga Johansdatter Utsi Bongo

Extended Expectations

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Academy of Fine Art / Sami University of Applied Sciences 

My PhD project Shapes and relations of forgotten pewterthread ornaments - Reapproaching with sisti, suotna and accessible metals is within the field of duodji (Sámi crafting methods) and visual arts.

This project revisualizes the story about the expired tradition of pewterthread embroidery in the northern sámi area, from a sámi womans´ perspective, as carrier of extended and vital crafting traditions from the same area. Ongoing repatriation, decolonizing and indigenizing processes in Sápmi, Norwegian educational institutions and in general are raised for discussion. Embodied in the field of duodji, I highlight ethical values towards nature and the holistic connectedness methods, techniques and materials represent towards human, animals, plants, land, cosmology and worldview.   


1.   Sara Inga Utsi Bongo / Lávrona and Fimben Áillo Gárena Sara Inga (1984), Sápmi, Norway. I am a PhD candidate attending the Norwegian Artistic Research School through the Art Academy in Oslo, financed by the Sami University of Applied Sciences in Guovdageaidnu. My master´s  degree in duodji (Sámi crafting methods) is from the Sami University of Applied Sciences. I hold a certificate of apprenticeship in leather and fur duodji and have practical pedagogical education from the University in Tromsø, Campus Alta. I´ve been teaching duodji for several years at the Sami High School and Reindeerherding school. The starting point in my practice as a duojár/ practitioner of duodji are items my people have made and still make for everyday life. In the processes of preparing materials and making useful items, such as footwear and clothing, I look for aesthetical and philosophical values revealed. In my work I highlights those values, and strive to maintain, develop and transfer traditional knowledge. Our surrounding nature, the reindeerherding lifestyle and the rich and adaptable ways of duodji makes my path.



Artistic Research Autumn Forum 2023

This presentation will explain how my PhD project is placed in the field of duodji and how it can contribute to the development in research within the field. Reflections on the layers of issues this project is about to result in and ideas with possible cross-national relevance are shed light on. Ongoing and planned artistic processes will be presented.