Matilda Rolfsson

"Duo in Motion - Moving with dance in free-improvisation": Interdisciplinary interplay with dance as starting-point and asset for the improvising musician

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Music

In her research project, together with dancers, Matilda Rolfsson explores the interdisciplinary interplay between music and dance within the framework of a duo practice, based in free improvisation.

The artistic aim of the project exceeds from a wish to “move” and “be moved” by the interplay with dancers, without losing the navigation (i.e., the expanded listening; see, hear and sense) and the direction (motion forward) of “form” and “materiality” in the improvised expression. The collaboration with Swedish dancer Anna Westberg has during 2023 developed into a close artistic research duo and mentorship that through praxis creates reflections and language that form new research perspectives and insights for both art forms. Together over the year during 2023, the duo has done several smaller expeditions, talks, showings, through short residencies in Stockholm, Trondheim, and Berlin. Their artistic research-focus has mainly been on interaction and co-existence as approaches and tools within the framework of a duo practice in free improvisation. Parameters such as material, transition, memory, and form have been explored, through studio practice as well as in showings, followed by feedback sessions with the audience.

Matilda Rolfsson is a percussionist and improviser living in Trondheim. She is educated at the Music Academy in Trondheim NTNU and Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music & Dance, London, and has since then been active as a freelance musician internationally, solo as well as together with dancers and other musicians.



Artistic Research Autumn Forum 2023 

Duo Work


This ARF is a hybrid of workshop and presentation, containing moving, sounding, writing and sharing.


In three parts the participants will be guided through the interdisciplinary work and methods used by the duo.


The presentation starts with a guided warm-up for body focus, followed by exercises for the senses, where the intention is to expand the notion of listening from a dancer's perspective - to not only hear but also see and sense the space. The session is followed by a free improvised duo by Westberg and Rolfsson, ending up in a shared writing session that will result in a collective sharing of individual reflections/writings that becomes the starting-point for a conversation/discussion that will end the presentation.



Anna Westberg is a dancer and choreographer working within the field of performing arts since 1989. Originally based in Gothenburg and the stage Atalante, but now living in Stockholm, where she has been affiliated with the venue Weld and is a member of Fylkingen. She also dances in various constellations based in improvisation, such as Dance'nBass with double bassist Nina de Heney. Anna has a classical ballet education with further studies in contemporary dance, improvisation and somatics. She holds a master in New Performative Practices from SKH. An ongoing current project is Somatic Traces in collaboration with Norwegian dancer Siri Jøntvedt.