Kristian Byskov

Other Worlds from Here

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

Keywords: Science fiction, cinema, literature, critical pedagogy, social- and environmental resistance.  


In my artistic research project, ‘Other Worlds from Here’, I explore ways of writing, thinking and imagining science fiction in close relation to places. Here I am trying to locate the critical potential in writing and thinking science fiction (especially in literature) and then bringing it into specific contexts. This might entail collective writing of texts, ways of staging narratives (theatrically, with a camera, through sound and music etc.) as well as leading/participating in meetings, workshops and actions. A focus is especially on situations of conflict around extraction and rights to land. Here, I will try to work from a collective, artistic and critical pedagogical perspective. This is to see if the imaginary processes of especially eco-science fiction can bring new inputs to modes of resistance - and vice versa if a focus on struggles in contexts can bring something to the genre of science fiction. 


My approach is to conduct research through different collaborations in cases. The first case is looking into environmental and social implications of the salmon farming industry’s introduction into areas in southern Chile (where Norwegian companies are among the most present). 

I intend to produce various texts (both fiction and non-fiction) as well as film both as my own work and in collaborations. Further, I will document the activities conducted during the process to see if a methodology can emerge.


Kristian Byskov is a visual artist and writer also working within stage arts as well as critical pedagogy. My practice is dominated by collaboration and experimentation. In my work, the meetings between landscapes and narration seek to touch the audience in engaging ways while unfolding new meanings and possibilities. We are ever more connected to our surrounding ecological systems. This evolves within our daily lives and into our future world, formed by catastrophes and new becomings.

Since finishing my MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, I have exhibited, worked in engaged processes, staged performances and written novels and critical essays.



Artistic Research Spring Forum 

1st presentation

For this presentation, I will attempt to map out methodologies, theory and recent experiences from case studies. I will talk about such themes as possible relations between science fiction and political theatre, critical pedagogy, salmon farms, games and nature revenge.