Feronia Wennborg

Sonic Intimacies


University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art

Keywords: Experimental sound practice, contemporary art, electroacoustic music.


Sonic Intimacies is an artistic research project that explores experiences of intimacy with and through sound, from the points of making and encountering artistic work in the field of experimental sound practice. 


In my practice as an artist and musician, I record sonic encounters embedded in the fabric of everyday life. I discover ongoing, textured, and detailed sounds in and with my near surroundings, and in relation to people close to me. The act of recording entail performing everyday tasks, listening, touching, vocalising, and amplifying. The recordings remain as archive or residue of situations and relationships. Recordings from this archive are reworked into tactile sonic constellations, in the format of performances, sound works, installations and music.  


Through the PhD project, I will explore how a process of artistic research can bring attention to the complexities and intimacies which are connected to recorded sounds, and how care and consent can be considered in acts of sound recording, mediation, and transformation of recorded material. 

The research will take form through artistic practice and reflection, working with the methods: recording and archiving attuned to everyday intimacies, social listening and collaboration, and exploration of mediated intimacy. Through the project, I will develop artistic works which explore the possibilities of intimate sonic entanglements within public and private space. 

Feronia Wennborg is a PhD Artistic Research Fellow within the area of experimental sound practice at the University of Bergen, Department of Contemporary Art. 

Feronia is an artist and musician working across sound, performance, installation, text, and digital media. Her practice draws from points of intimacy to explore possibilities of reimagination. She often works in close collaboration with others.

Her work has been presented at galleries, music venues and festivals including: Centre for Contemporary Arts (Glasgow); Konsthall C (Stockholm); Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (Edinburgh); Wysing Arts Centre (Cambridge); Cafe OTO (London); West (The Hague); Heart of Noise (Innsbruck); Fylkingen (Stockholm); and Counterflows (Glasgow).



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024

1st presentation

The presentation will outline the main questions, activities, and processes of the PhD project Sonic Intimacies. I will share material developed in the artistic research process so far and reflect on how the project is placed within the field of experimental sound practice.