Bendik Giske

Subversive Disentanglements

Norwegian Academy of Music

Field: Music, performance.


Subversive Disentanglements delves into the intricate interplay of intentionality and unintended outcomes in the realm of sonic and performative expressions as the project aims to embody the processes of shaping artistic and sonic developments that simultaneously challenge and propel tradition. Drawing on queer theory, the research investigates improvisation and saxophone performance from a queer perspective, seeking to unravel the sonic consequences and proposing a cartography for a queer approach to music creation. 


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Bendik Giske, a saxophonist, composer, and performer, exhibits a distinctive focus on pushing the boundaries of his instrument. As both a recording artist and performer, he actively explores facets of queer culture, thereby crafting a profoundly personal repertoire that challenges the traditional role of the saxophone and its performer. Giske has released three solo albums on Norwegian Smalltown Supersound and has garnered international recognition through performances at venues such as MUTEK in Montréal, Mexico City, and Barcelona, as well as Sónar and Volksbühne in Berlin.

Currently an artistic research fellow and PhD candidate at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Giske's notable commissions include performances for the MUNCH Museum in Oslo, Berliner Festspiele, and the Venice Biennale. Additionally, collaborative works by Giske have been commissioned by institutions such as MoMA in New York and White Cube in London.