Therese Næss Diesen

In between imaginary and experienced space

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Norwegian Film School

“In between imaginary and experienced space” is an interdisciplinary research project which emphasizes how sound can portray both real and fictive spaces and the gap in between. It will explore sound storytelling and experiences in the landscape between film sound and sound arts, documentary and drama. 


I will record, re-create and create spaces by working with various immersive sound technologies, and observe how the work can change or extend our perception of place, space, time and memory. 


Therese Næss Diesen is an artistic research fellow at The Norwegian Film School at The Inland University of Applied Sciences. She has a BA in film sound and an MA in audiovisual design from The Norwegian Film School and has worked with recording, foley and sound design on short film, feature films and documentaries. During her MA-studies she expanded her work areas to include performing arts, installation art and other media such as sound drama and extended reality. Today she works with interdisciplinary projects in film, performing arts and arts.



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024 - The presentation is cancelled

1st presentation

The presentation will be an introduction to the research project. I will show some extracts and documentation of the latest collaboration with director Ingrid Liavaag. It is called “Facade #1” and is a hybrid project (film/installation/performance) which will premiere on the 20th of March (during the ARSF). I want to address both its relevance and how the methods and processes differ from how I want to research in the future.  


Facade #1 on Vega scene