Sarah-Jane Summers

Cross-Pollination and the Immersive Violin


Norwegian Academy of Music

How can my instruments - fiddle & Hardanger fiddle - be amplified to create sufficient sonorous power & polytimbral complexity, suitable for immersive sonic experiences in new settings? How does this affect my compositional and performance processes? 


Shadow Half (comp. Sarah-Jane Summers) from the album Echo Stane, released on Another Timbre 2023.

Sarah-Jane Summers is a versatile, free-thinking & impassioned performer. Her expressive style blends the lyricism of traditional music with improvisation. She has performed with many top folk, jazz, pop & contemporary music artists, including GRIT Orchestra, Highasakite, Quatuor Bozzini, Susanna Wallumrød, and Julie Fowlis. She has released four completely solo albums, the most recent on the highly respected experimental music label Another Timbre. Her four albums with Juhani Silvola all received Songlines’ Top of the World status, with The Smoky Smirr o Rain nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. In Sølvstrøk (2023), they supersized their repertoire for their duo plus chamber orchestra. As a composer, she has written several large commissions, as well as music for the BBC. Sarah-Jane was taught by the legendary Donald Riddell, who learnt from a relative of hers, Alexander Grant of Battangorm. She recently started a PhD in Artistic Research at the Norwegian Academy of Music.