KriStine Ann Skaret

Creative teatment of unfolding realities

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The TV-School

When, how and why do we write scripts for documentary films? In this project I will explore the meeting between dramaturgical methods and documentary material, through the development of one or more documentary series about seemingly controversial topics. I will search for the balance between journalistic credibility and artistic freedom, following the path form the ide to the financed and then published film, trough the dialectic process of writing, filming and editing. Which dramaturgical models are suitable for developing projects that do not have a character-driven story as a starting point? How can different understandings of reality be conveyed cinematically and accommodated in one creative work? The project will explore different cinematic approaches and perspectives on potentially polarizing themes and attempt to create a recognizable conceptual framework for the series that at the same time allows room for artistic exploration and contribution from different directors in each episode. By using alternative dramaturgical models and involve a group of directors in the development and production of a series, I want to challenge established forms of storytelling techniques and production methods, and further develop documentary film's potential as an initiator of dialogue.

KriStine Ann Skaret is a documentary filmmaker, and the founder of Stray Dogs Norway, where she develops and produces documentary films. She has produced the award-winning films Villagers and Vagabonds (2020), Not That Kind of Guy (2022), Life is Beautiful (2023) and the co-production Aswang (2019), ao. Stine is collaborationg with a diversity of talents and new perspectives and also works as a dramaturg, teacher and tutor, both nationally and internationally. She has previously been a consultant for the Norwegian Film Institute (2012 – 16) and Midtnorsk Filmsenter (2017 – 20) and produced several award-winning films with Medieoperatørene from 2007 – 2012. Stine has a BA in Aesthetics from UiO, a and a big heart for stray dogs and hybrids of all kinds. She is an artistic research PhD fellow at the TV-School, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024

1st year presentation

I will introduce the motivation behind my project, my background and the challenges I find in the documentary field today. I will present the starting point and the framing for the artistic research, and the collaborations I have established so far. I will show still images and text extracts and show some videoclip from research material, and discuss the potential next steps in the creative method to develop an anthology of films, including more directors and how to reflect on the process in the making.