Poetry installations: Nature vs tehnology

Margaret Rynning, Thor Magnus Tangerås and Jan-Tore Diesen

Room: 209 - open all day 18 March

Poetry is the intersection of words and form. This encounter usually happens in a two-dimensional space, such as how the poem is laid out on a book page. However, in today's world, fewer people read poetry books. Instead, poetry is thriving in social spaces like social media, music lyrics, and different visual expressions in public.This poetry installation project aims to present poems in a three-dimensional format, allowing the reader to experience them in a dynamic and temporal way. By moving through the space, the recipient becomes a co-creator of the poem, entering the world of poetry with their entire being. 

The materiality of the poetry installations is an integral part of the physical experience and enhances the poem´s theme of taking care of nature. The combination of handmade and digitally developed elements may create a sense of tension. Using modern audio technology to create 3-dimensial soundscapes will also constitute an important factor in enhancing the bodily experience of the poems.Finally, presenting poems as speculative objects allows us to challenge the dichotomies that we use to interpret our experiences. It raises questions about the distinctions between subject and object and how the mind and body interact.


Thor Magnus Tangerås is Associate Professor at the School of Arts, Design and Media, where he teaches courses in creative writing and rhetoric. Tangerås is a published poet. His new book Landskap med Vindturbinar will be released March 2024. He is a member of the international research group IGEL (Empirical Approaches to Literary Studies) and the Nordic Network of Narrative Medicine. He is a member of the Westerdals artistic research group FOKU. Tangerås is an active disseminator of research findings in various public fora and national media. Tangerås’ research interests include: Transformative Reading Experiences, Bibliotherapy and Ecological Literature.


Margaret Rynning is Professor at the Kristiania School of Arts, Design and Media and teaches at the BA program in Graphic Design and the MA program in Design (Visual Communication). Rynning has 20 years of experience as a practicing graphic designer. Rynning's research interests include critical design and the designer's social responsibility, where she explores concepts conveying questions of a societal and political nature. Another area of interest is Nordic design and regional culture. Her research has been published internationally in journals, conferences and workshops. Some of Rynning's previous artistic research projects are published here: https://www.margaretrynning.com/ 


Jan-Tore Diesen is a Norwegian (/Scottish) music producer, songwriter, artist, musician, conductor and lecturer who has performed, lectured, released music internationally since the mid-nineties. He is associate professor and former (July 2023) head of program; bachelor in songwriting and production at Kristiania University College. Diesen has developed music degrees, subjects, lectured and guest-lectured, specializing in songwriting and music production, at universities and colleges, since 1999.