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Residency at Teatret Vårt in Molde

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2. Rehearsal Week 20.-23.6.17


We worked 4 days in a wonderful room at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, a big hall with a lot of daylight and good aqouistics. Andrea came and documented the rehearsal with photage, and filmed the performance with children audience from Svartlamoen Kulturbarnehage. The film is presented above.

After the performance we had a research converseation with professor Anne Beate Reinertsen and associate professor Merete Moe, both pedagogues from Queen Mauds. We discussed how the performance communicated with the children despite the fact that the work have an experimental attitude without words and more familiar theatrical elements.


1. Rehearsal Week  5.-9.6.17


The first week residency at Teatret Vårt in Molde was a good start. We basically worked with music, singing and exploring materials, but in the end we had an audience from a kindergarden visiting.

It is a strange thing, but even if we had a short time, and focussed on musical approaches, we still made the main construction, and we had some important experiences meeting the kindergarten audience.

The big moving paper scared some children, but it could as well have been the dark and unfamiliar room, and the strange acting people as a whole.

Gunhild Hjertaas, Ibrahim Fazlic, Tor Haugerud, Rohey Taalah, Siri Gjære, Siri Schnell Juvik