Thousand Plateaus 


Plateau 1:

The Theatre 


Plateau 5:  

Plasticbag Monster Queen

Plateau 6:  

The Ocean

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Scenography Objects Costumes

Plateau 7:  

The Seabed

Plateau 2:

The Multiverse 


Plateau 3:  

The Paper Greens & Earth 

Plateau 4:  

Me Komo Saya

When the red theatre velvet is removed, the upper plateau of the 3 x 3 m scenography is a black textile with white dots, The Multiverse. In the middle there is a hole with a projection of an Ocean Globe down to the paper of the next plateau. The Multiverse is a theatre of objects moving in circles.

Thousand Plateaus

1: The Theatre

2: The Multiverse

3: Paper Earth&Greens

4: Me Komo Saya

5: Plastic Queen

6: The Ocean

7: The Seabed


Robot Animals 





The Rays & Flat Fossils


Ocean urchines


Robot Animals