Performances at Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim 2. and 3.8.17



Rohey showed up to be not only a wonderful singer, but also a lively and generous actor. Her dance movements completed the curious and energetic MeKomoSaya:

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The closing scene with the Sad Ray became alive in a sensous interplay beteen the two Siris. The song and movements touched upon a peaceful loneliness at the very bottom of the ocean, then becoming lifted up and flying in the space above.

The opening scene was developed from playing with a big dress in which both of the actresses could move in and out. 

They have some challenges in this close collaboration, becoming the Anemone Sisters in a beautiful ocean space dance.

The wide arms of the dress allowed the actresses to move in and out of sight, trying to become like the under sea waterplant, swaying and rolling with the waves, and with the music of the opening scene.