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Begynnelser - Rehearsals/Performances/Research


Week 9: Rehearsals in Black Box at TAG

Establishing the performance space, light design. Three "caves" outside the square was defined: The Sun Cave, The Earth Cave and the Ocean Cave.

Week 12 & 15: Rehearsal week in Rehearsal room at TAG. Working with new plateau of Plastic Monster and Rare Animals.

Week 16: Rehearsal week in Black Box, composing the whole piece, working on transitions and transformations.


Performance premiere 21.4.2018


Week 18:

10 performances for kindergartens of Trondheim

2 open performances

1 seminar on "Posthumanism and art for Early Years"

- a conversation between Lise Hovik and Anne Beate Reinertsen, professor of pedagogy.


Documentation of rehearsals and performances

Research conversations