The 2019 edition of the workshop focuses on the development of a site-specific sound installation at the Museum of Perception. The installation will explore the interactions of algorithmic and physical spaces and their dynamic and mutable properties. Participants will work on the premise that spaces and our perception of them change depending on presence, absence, the movement of visitors, the time of the day, the rhythm of the surroundings as well as the sonic and algorithmic interventions we bring into them.

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impuls academy 2019

special workshop for computer music practitioners, sound artists and composers with Robin Minard, David Pirrò, Hanns Holger Rutz


Museum of Perception


Graz, AT

February 11-21, 2019


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The participants are invited to develop their various approaches within an atmosphere of collaboration, where special emphasis will be given to the translation of environmental data (such as sensor input from the surroundings and visitors) through computer music systems developed and assembled by the participants and tutors. One question we want to pursue is how behaviours can be composed that transition from “technical and artificial” to “organic and alive”, particularly through the articulation of spatiality. 

An initial sound situation using a large number of small reconfigurable speakers forms the starting point for in-situ work. This structure will then be available for decomposition and rearrangement by the participants. The space will become a public exhibition halfway through the workshop, making it possible to observe and adapt to the interactions with the audience, a central question in the making of sound installations. The workshop will be held with technical infrastructure provided by the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM), including an 48-channel sound system and a selection of sensors. The workshop Almat was developed by David Pirrò and Hanns Holger Rutz (both IEM Graz) and will be held together with the special support by Robin Minard.

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