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date: Feb-2019
event: impuls academy
place: muwa

keywords: [exhibition, sound art]
author: Andreas Trenkwalder


      1. Parasitic distortions, allowing the parasite to live on or in another organism. The host causes it some harm. It happily adapts structurally to this way of life.

        {origin: program notes, keywords: [_, parasite, organisms, adaptation]}

Andreas Trenkwalder

  1. Project proposal

    I don’t have fixed ideas yet, but some thoughts which might be interesting to me…
    Sound input by microphones placed all over the venue. The input material is processed realtime, either granulated, feed back, distorted or all of it at the same time. Sound is controlled by analyzed data of the microphones (amplitude, pitch spectral flatness, ect.) or of the data of other participants via OSC. In terms of output the sound / spatialisation of the sound, I’d find it interesting to use all of the speakers, not only the four which are provided for all of the participants, but not all at the same time but maybe depending on sensors or amplitude of mic-input for example. I’m also open and I would like to collaborate with other participants, to improve ideas together and to exchange.

    {origin: project proposal, function: intention, keywords: [_, sound processing, sound synthesis, microphone, speakers, space]}