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date: Feb-2019
event: impuls academy
place: muwa

keywords: [exhibition, sound art]
author: Florian Schwamborn


      1. This installation questions how we define the threshold between listening and becoming an agent in the spaces we inhabit.

        {origin: program notes, keywords: [_, listening, agency, space]}

Florian Schwamborn

  1. Project proposal

    • I would like to pay attention to the precise analysis of audio signals and their translations into float and midi.
    • New scores - New composition procedures through Data analysis
    • I would like to focus on the analysis of every type of possible Input and see how I can build lasting forms, variations and alternating “communication systems” (for the performing arts and installation settings).
    • it is not only the interactive aspect which leads my attention to tis point than the very searching look to think and create digital possibilities to communicate and transform datas.
    • Focus on networking with other Softwares. Analysing,translating and transforming Inputs.

      {origin: project proposal, keywords: [_, interaction, communication]}