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date: Feb-2019
event: impuls academy
place: muwa

keywords: [exhibition, sound art]
author: Luca Morino


        1. This installation deals with our perception of population behaviour. A honey bee usually lives for one to six months, while a beehive can live for decades. One may forget that a beehive is there – as it forms a soft, continuous background noise. Then one notices a single bee and suddenly, the activity of the hive comes back into focus.

          {origin: program notes, keywords: [_, population, bee, noise, focus, attention, perception]}

Luca Morino

  1. Project proposal

    The project I would propose to ALMAT program is a sound installation named Stormi (Italian word for flocks of birds). The compositional idea is to create a dynamic system in which sounds are displaced in space. I imagine a synthetical meadow formed by a large amount speakers where sounds, frequencies, maybe fragments of already existent materials, are free to move around autonomously and constrained by very simple rules. These rules provide simple instructions to virtual sound sources about movements allowed or not, depending on some microphones that detect the acoustic state in the room. The aim is to create a complex correlations systems in which sounds escape each other, generating an autonomous evolution and particular movements across the space.

    {origin: project proposal, function: intention, keywords: [_, flock, space, system, movement, autonomy]}