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date: Feb-2019
event: impuls academy
place: muwa

keywords: [exhibition, sound art]
author: Tim Pauli


  1. atof

    Sit down and fade to grey.

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Tim Pauli

  1. Project proposal

    This installation is an installment in a series of works where I want to explore the topic of algorithmically misreading data. For this purpose I want to create a live transformation of room sound involving all the noise of people visiting where people recognize that they are being recorded and amplified to a point where they no longer understand the connection of input and output. I already started working on this project implementing the core sound transformation of this piece as a C-external for Pure Data. This external reads every incoming floating point number (amplitude of the microphone membrane) as a string and converts it back to a float using the C-function ’atof’. This process basically results in waveshaping using a table with 2^32 entries where most entries are zero. Problems so far involve the design of algorithms analyzing the microphone input and automatically creating a very smooth transitions from the original input to the total madness of the external. I would be also interested in using data of other installations via osc to further influence the transformation.

    {origin: project proposal, function: intention, keywords: [_, misreading, room, noise, audience, amplification, input, output, waveshaping]}