1. The MUWA building was built in 1904 as a public bath. Please feel free to play with the water at the entrance and listen to the sound of our imaginary bath.

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  1. Project proposal

    I would like to propose to make a sonic transition from “outside” and “inside”. It is a process of defamiliarizing, but rather than a pure illusion, it is an augmented factor, that the movement of the audience does make them “leave” the nature. Assuming the installation is in a space that one side is closer to natural/ open space, and the other side is closer to a closed space such as a room or a wall, I would call the first side “outside” and the latter “inside”. 4 pairs of speakers are placed throughout the space, on the “inside” side, the distance between pairs of speakers can be smaller. 2 microphones are placed on the “outside” side and sending sounds to computer real time or after an interval of 1 minutes. The sound will be cut to slices and be the material to recompose. From the “outside” to the “inside”, the level of recompose will be gradually higher. If I have more time: Some pulse/ rhythms can be found on the “inside” side. The pulse/ rhythms are influenced by the walking speed of the audience. The speed will be detected on the “outside” side. The sensor to use can be a footpad (pressure sensor), a Kinect camera, or mobile phones which carried by the audience.

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Dong Zhou

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date: Feb-2019
event: impuls academy
place: muwa

keywords: [exhibition, sound art]
author: Dong Zhou