JYK: Initiating Questions


Can (a) bridge(s) be included in your segmentation networks? If so, do they have a direction? Are they(Is it) supposed to be one directional, two, or more? If there are more than one bridge, do they look identical or not? Can they function to extend the whole network? Do they have the same or different as/from each other? Would they be recognizable, e.g. having their own duration and standing as a segment?



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People are passing each other on the stairs, going up and down, or sometimes standing still. Do you think that their movements could have different influences on the segmentations within your musical outcome? In other words, can segmentations become a flexible or organic entity by their interactions? 


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What is the maximum number of segments that you can think of on the site? Can the way you count them be differentiated? Can you find a way to do it either intuitively, or using an existing counting technique? What way is the most interesting ? Can this counting method itself be organic?


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author: JYK
artwork: ThroughSegments
project: AlgorithmicSegments

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