some notes about the space

and what happens in the space

{poz, 200210}

A page to record (acoustic) facts about the space. Feel free to add further entries. I'll start by copying some notes I took while taking IRs measurments in the staircase. Some things just get noticeable after some time you are in the space

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poz: IR notes

  • The top floors, where the staircase gets narrower, ar also more reverberant compared to lower floor
  • On floor 2 (cafe) there is a sliding door that opens and closes automatically. The sensor is hyper sensible, to the point that sometimes (often) the door moves even if no one is around. The door is quite slow and quite, but it's moving most of the time 
  • The most interesting things I noticed it's probably related to doors opening and closing. Since in the staircase we have self-closing doors, people just open them and walk away. Then doors take approx. 4-5 seconds to close again. So the self-closing mechanism is quite slow I would say. While they remain open the acoustic of the staircase changes a bit. It's something quite subtle, but that I started to notice more and more as I was listening into the staircase. I would like to find a way to 'augment' this effect, to make it more perceivable. I tried with some basic methods to detect when a door is open, but without success because it is too subtle I think. I'd be interested in trying to put these event in relation with one of my first experiments of the expanding / shrinking rooms, since the idea is similar to how the acoustic, or the space, changes when a door is open
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author: POZ
date: 200210
artwork: ThroughSegments
project: AlgorithmicSegments
place: Kunsthaus
keywords: [space, acoustics, staircase, sound events]
function: Report