resonance - room resonance

long term evolution / where are cues coming from?

no fixed form / dependent on outer events 

modular system / segmentations + bridges

exchanging values between modules (and with others, but not thinking about it for now) / organic, related to the modular system of the segmentations

spatial - connection between internal/external sound space - shared values/ shared points

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JYK: notes 1

22/01/2020 Those two weeks I have been completely hectic....still one day to go.

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1. Tying to make a synth for the  feedback protection + extracting some values that can be useful/meaningful for other possible modules. Started with the idea below, and sound 

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Patches for extractomg the room resonance

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1 Another tryout with the room resonance+feedback. Everchanging by filters, some possibilities to combine with other synths, not tried yet. 

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author: JYK
artwork: ThroughSegments
project: AlgorithmicSegments

function: prototype
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