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HHR: Initiating Questions

Foregound / Background

If thinking about sound as gestalt; can we distiguish foreground/background, and how would they relate to your sonic intervention (through speakers) within an existing sound (the sound that is already there in the space)? What then constitutes foreground/background, and are these statically assigned positions?

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author: HHR
artwork: ThroughSegments
project: AlgorithmicSegments

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Spatial Relations

What is the inner space of the piece, and how is it related to its surficial form, the two lines of speakers; what is the spatial relation between the inner form, the surficial form, and the spatial form of the visitors?


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(raw temporal unwinding of a timbre space in the piece Grenzwerte, "ordered" and "flattened" to two dimensions)

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The role of reverberation; its causality versus an inner reverberation (radiation, vibration) of things, movement, people. Is it a volume, a form, accidental, reflection or complement? Does that become part of the piece?

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reverberant and resonant space

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dereverberated (wpe technique)

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(Ludwig von Bertalanffy, General Systems Theory,  New York 1968, p. 230)

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How does the piece "live" through time; what kind of memory does it have, is there a form of long term state or temporal dependence? Is there an element that survives past a daily restarting of the computers (is there an internal difference between the first and the last day of the exhibition)?


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How would you conceive the simultaneity between the four layers; where are we on the continuum between a mutual fusion or penetration of all things (John Cage), a suspension and freewheeling of the relations, and the encounter in nearness that shapes all things (Sara Ahmed)? How could the composition facilitate such simultaneity?

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