General reflection {061120}:

Thinking about how all started and lasted for last half a year, together with the circumstance with the Covid 19 situation, it can be thought as a good example of working in distance for a collaborative project: regardless of the Covid situation, there was no physical meeting or try-out (for me) and it all happened remotely.

As I was the one who was in distance the most, it has given certain impact that a number of aspects came from the combination between my imagination and materials such as recording and photos given. What concretized the aim was the discussions and iterations we had a number of times that included not only a further elaboration on what we had been working for the period of time but also the chances that we could include our personality beyond the written words.

Such a process is new to me, and it started with a lot of confusion and some sort of awkwardness that I had to express/ask/report all in written words, but soon it became a pool of interesting and inspiring ideas that I could freely share/ask/express any parts of the process.

Most interestingly how we could come up with the questions at the beginning based on the space as the material, and all had started their process based on them, not all were fully comprehensible nor we could go deeper with, yet those iterations with more deepened answers each time became the frameworks for the actual sound works. It is even more interesting to see that although each of us was going with own interpretations and methods to explore a topic often, we sometimes come up with a similar outcome: the outcome that Poz worked with the resonance and of mine can be a good example. Also dealing with the limitations we have, the limit of Raspberrypi, and the sound system that we didn’t work fully together with, has been giving a big influence on the creative process; a good example can be how Poz has been working with the translating codes from Supercollider to Faust and its influence on the process.



JYK: Observations Round 3

{29/06/20} - Preparation for the meet-up and what's remained undone:


After quite some time, finally I've reviewd my process and tried again all the patches, and there are few comments that I'd like to improve/re-invent/re-think in coming days.



The duration for each module: Now for the test, each module's duration is set to 30~35 seconds. Some modules are not sounding the whole time, but some are quite heavy. It means that each module's duration could vary due to their characters. But then, how can those duration could be both meaningful and efficient?



Some values that give a cue to modules are way too small, and hard to tune accordingly. Maybe better to scale the value for the comparisons higher so that they are easier to set.


Tuning system:

Maybe better making a gui for the test session that I can tune each comparison values according to the space. 

Then can those values vary in time? Would this be neccessary?




The text below is from JYK Pin1, to check what's been missing.


resonance - room resonance

long term evolution / where are cues coming from?

no fixed form / dependent on outer events 

modular system / segmentations + bridges

exchanging values between modules (and with others, but not thinking about it for now) / organic, related to the modular system of the segmentations

spatial - connection between internal/external sound space - shared values/ shared points

{kind: keywords, keywords:[resonance, time scales, evolution, modular, segmentation, bridges, modules, organic, spatial, inside, outside, space]}

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title: JYK: Observations Round 3
author: JYK
artwork: ThroughSegments
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