The Research Catalogue (RC) is a non-commercial, collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society for Artistic Research. The RC is free to use for artists and researchers. It serves also as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment, peer review workflows and research funding administration. It strives to be an open space for experimentation and exchange.

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Pondering with Pines - Miettii Mäntyjen Kanssa - Funderar med Furor (2022) Annette Arlander
This exposition documents my explorations of pondering with pine trees. Tämä ekspositio dokumentoi yritykseni miettiä mäntyjen kanssa. Den här ekspositionen dokumenterar mina försök att fundera med furor.
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POWER AMBISONICS (2022) Giuseppe Pisano
This page has the purpose of collecting in one place all the educational material about ambisonics and spatial audio that I have gathered through the years, and to demonstrate specific personal workflow solutions that I have developed in my artistic practice. It was started as an educational tool for my workshop in ambisonics at EMS - Stockholm and is constantly updated.
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Fontys - Welcome to RC (2022) Ulla Havenga
This page welcomes newcomers from Fontys to engage with the Research Catalogue. (For Fontys Master students & Staff only)
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“Sonic Spaces for the Stray”: (Dif)Fusing Dis-location in Sound Installation and Performance (2022) Andrea Parkins
This project examines subjectivity and its embodiment through the application of interactive electronics within sound installation and performance. It employs a merging of theory, method and practice that has not been fully researched to date and which represents a valuable addition to sound performance and electroacoustic composition. My artistic research focuses on an ongoing series of improvisational/compositional experiments, moving between a dedicated workspace and sound production studios where I will work with acousticians, engineers, and programmers. The aim is to develop gestural/embodied approaches for applying interactive electronics within sound performance and fixed-media composition—mining tensions between failure and fluency; and diffusion strategies that highlight correspondences between embodiment, sound and space—emphasizing tensions between absence and presence. Foundational research includes studying methods and applications for investigating spatialization and psychoacoustics, employed by artists including Maryanne Amacher. I will also study concepts/methods developed by artists such as George E. Lewis, focusing on interaction between algorithmically-based technology tools and physical gesture in musical improvisation. This research also engages with Julia Kristeva’s psychoanalytically-based writing on abjection and the sublime, grounding my studio-based research in theoretical inquiry that engages with subjectivity and embodiment. Supplementary research will address psychoacoustics, aural architecture, and spatialization theory and technologies. The outcome of the project will be twofold: a body of sound installations and performances demonstrating an interactive approach to addressing relationships between the body, materiality, sound, space and situation; and a set of reflective writings that articulates the poetics and affective aspects of this multi-layered inquiry. The completed project will offer new knowledge production in the field of artistic research, and transmission of interdisciplinary knowledge to creative practitioners.
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Pen and Paper Quartet - A telematic performance (2022) Anders Lind
A telematic performance of a simulated Pen and Paper Quartet. Delay chains of both audio and video, as well as, three approaches to work with dynamics are used as main parameters in this digitally mediated live music performance. Part of an artistic research project by Anders Lind at Umeå University in Sweden.
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