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Customized Realities (2024) Sorin
Thesis / Research Document of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2023. Bachelor Interactive Media Design In this paper I aim to reveal the influence of echo chambers and the use of echo chambers as a potential tool used as a defense mechanism by the emergent artificial intelligence. We also look at the impact of such defense against our social construct and the availability of genuine human interaction in a world that is mostly digitally connected then physically . We investigate in this thesis some contemporary ideas about our current situation and or potential solution to pop up the bubble of i-reality, a term I used to refer to when thinking about customized reality bubble surrounding every digitally active person. My research journey starts with reminding us why we do this research, what is the urgency, and then delving into historical facts and researching contemporary or historical views, analyzing the algorithmic world of social networking and the surprising results of digital isolation in tiny echo-chambers. Thus , my research led to several conclusions of how we might be able to pop up the i-reality bubble and change the grim potential outcome of a world dominated by synthetic life to a world in which we human can cohabitate with a potential self aware synthetic life .
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From One Space to Another - A Journey of Sonic Details (2024) Helena Persson
From One Space to Another is a sound essay in video format of the ongoing research of understanding the world, phenomenons and situations through sound and listening. The ambition is that through the act of listening use the detail as a means of highlighting a phenomenon where sound serves as a deeper means of registering and understanding the environment. By zooming in we can accumulate knowledge, broaden and expand our perception and comprehension and create greater understanding of the bigger context. This way it might be possible to raise awareness and bring to consciousness the things we might not be aware of and that we sometimes fail to notice. In this practice-led sound essay you take part of sound art pieces that are intertwined by thoughts and reflections throughout the journey. From One Space to Another presents recordings and compositions of smaller components such as the acoustics of fibers in the trees and the needled thread of embroideries as well as the structural repetitiveness of machinery in the textile industry. At the same time it shows how the recorded material inspires and encourages various kinds of expressions. This sound and video essay is an independent project within the Master Program Experimental Composition and Creation at the Academy of Music and Drama in Göteborg, Sweden.
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XRW (Implicature) (2024) Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni
Sketchbook of 53 A3 drawings with coloured markers, including 4 A3 collages with newspaper cutouts and printed photos. Sketchbook cover with red nail polish. 22 A4 drawings with ballpoint pen. Preparatory work, 2023-2024.
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NIME - New instruments for Music Exploration (2024) Kjell Tore Innervik, Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
An artistic Postdoc project intended to create an environment for musical innovation, to explore the design of new physical and electronic instruments and to host the international NIME conference 2011. This interdisciplinary artistic research project was a collaboration between the composer Ivar Froundberg, Music Technologist Aleksander Refsum Jensenius and percussionist Kjell Tore Innervik. A project to enhance the possibilities of music performance for the many and for the few located at the Norwegian Academy of Music.
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The Aura of Electromagnetic Twilight (2024) Mikkel Wettre
In this lecture I reflect on recent artistic work relating to perception, technology and bodily awareness. The lecture was part of the Digital Narratives Network Conference held at UiB in 2019. The Digital Narrative Network Conference and Exhibition was a cross-faculty initiative at UiB/KMD with a keynote by N. Katherine Hayles on literature and AI, a series of presentations by scholars, artists and authors, and an exhibition of digital narratives, including a sample of my "Twilight Apparatus" sculpture-series. In my sculpture-work I have taken eyesight and optical phenomena as a starting point for mechanical installations that engage the senses and serve as metaphorical depictions of the relationship between human and technical cognition. My presentation will track the development of recent projects and the role of imaginative awareness.
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Finding Home: An Exploration of South African Art Music through the Classical Saxophone and Collaborative Practice (2024) Josie Mc Clure
This research project explores South African Art Music through collaborative practice and the classical saxophone. It begins by investigating the discourse surrounding South African Art Music through testimony collected from various conversations with South African composers, musicians and academics such as Dr Kevin Volans, Dr Antoni Schonken, Professor Hendrik Hofmeyr, Dr Cara Stacey and Arthur Feder. I began collecting the scores of South African saxophone compositions which led to the development of an online catalogue system to document these works -The South African Saxophone Catalogue. This catalogue forms the base - as well as the network - for how this research was developed. To further investigate the South African repertoire, I embarked on creative journeys with four South African composers through performer-composer collaboration. I decided to use this means of investigation as the relationship formed between myself and these composers shows a different level of engagement with this music, first-hand experience in the creation of this music as well as creating an open space for discourse. These collaborations were documented through reflections, audio and video recordings and are investigated in the form of case studies. The final artistic product was a concert featuring these new compositions in Cape Town, South Africa. The data collected was organised through an amalgamation of critical reflection and thematic analysis. Through this collective music-making, I discovered the variety in thought surrounding South African Art Music and paradoxically those who vigorously deny this term. I discovered the complexity both politically and socially that the term South African Art Music implies. In conjunction with my personal reflections, this exposition explores the ideas, opinions and art of individuals in various fields in the South African classical music scene who represent a variety of South African cultural backgrounds and generations.
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