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When Jazz and Maqamat Meet (2022) Michal Hoter
This auto ethnographical research deals with the question how can elements of jazz and maqamat be deeply merged to create new hybrid musical outcomes?. The fieldwork for this research moves between different countries and cultures in a search for understanding this phenomena, The data collected and reflected on include observations, interviews and personal experience as a jazz and ethnic singer, composer and band leader working with musicians from diverse cultures. In addition to original compositions and arrangements trying to find the new meeting point between the two genres of music. I invite you to join me on my journey of discovery.
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Emancipating Objects (2022) Serge Gruson
In our everyday life, we encounter many objects that do not enter our consciousness. These objects are so much part of the space they are living in, that they become insignificant. Of these objects, I am interested in the artefacts that have had some functionality, or have the appearance of having had some functionality. What this functionality is might be unclear. I call these objects/artefacts “orphans” referring to their lack of relationality to the rest of the space, or the rest of the activities and people in it. By collecting these orphans, analyzing their character, and designing encounters with them, I hope to create more empathy for these objects. I believe this will make the spectator more aware of other orphans that they encounter in their everyday life, and enjoy their presence.
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Site-Reading – Site Specific Writing and Reading (2022) Emma Cocker
Site-Reading – Site Specific Writing and Reading
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SAR 2021 presentation - Dawn Woolley (2022) Dawn Woolley
What happens to queer community, bodily expression & identity when queer spaces are closed & communities move online? This workshop critically reflects on, & invites participation in, the collaborative project Bois of Isolation: An Instagram platform for people of marginalised genders to share selfies of their spaces & processes of queering gender binaries in the pandemic. The project uses hashtag commons & selfies to challenge the hegemonic visual culture social media can perpetuate: Binarised gender stereotypes, exclusion of bodies deemed ‘other’, & hierarchies of value in which white, able-bodied, heterosexual, young & ‘healthy’ are supreme. Bois of Isolation contributes to communal aesthetic spaces in which bodily & gender plurality & fluidity are expressed & celebrated.
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EEE – Exercises in Existential Eccentricity: Movements, Artefacts, Transitions. By Barb Macek (2022) Barbara Macek
Autoimmune diseases have become a global health problem, with rising numbers of people affected. But cause and genesis of these diseases are still unresolved, so finding new ways to understand the underlying processes is in demand. Aiming at a new conception of autoimmunity I developed a technique titled “Exercises in Existential Eccentricity” (EEE) within the framework of autoethnography and the biophilosophy of Helmuth Plessner. The EEE were designed to investigate autoimmunity in a practical and daring way by exposing the researcher in her vulnerability as being affected by a chronic autoimmune disease. The results are expected to expand our understanding of autoimmunity and provide new images to help people cope with autoimmune diseases.
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