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When Jazz and Maqamat Meet (2022) Michal Hoter
This auto ethnographical research deals with the question how can elements of jazz and maqamat be deeply merged to create new hybrid musical outcomes?. The fieldwork for this research moves between different countries and cultures in a search for understanding this phenomena, The data collected and reflected on include observations, interviews and personal experience as a jazz and ethnic singer, composer and band leader working with musicians from diverse cultures. In addition to original compositions and arrangements trying to find the new meeting point between the two genres of music. I invite you to join me on my journey of discovery.
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Emancipating Objects (2022) Serge Gruson
In our everyday life, we encounter many objects that do not enter our consciousness. These objects are so much part of the space they are living in, that they become insignificant. Of these objects, I am interested in the artefacts that have had some functionality, or have the appearance of having had some functionality. What this functionality is might be unclear. I call these objects/artefacts “orphans” referring to their lack of relationality to the rest of the space, or the rest of the activities and people in it. By collecting these orphans, analyzing their character, and designing encounters with them, I hope to create more empathy for these objects. I believe this will make the spectator more aware of other orphans that they encounter in their everyday life, and enjoy their presence.
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Site-Reading – Site Specific Writing and Reading (2022) Emma Cocker
Site-Reading – Site Specific Writing and Reading
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SAR 2021 presentation - for Imani Rameses (2022) Imani Rameses
Your morning routine probably consists of waking up, heading to the loo, washing your hands, face, and teeth, then proceeding to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. You’ll repeat this routine tomorrow but this time, I invite you to perform blindfolded.
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An Index of Un·Earthing: log entries towards the decolonization of outer space (2022) Ralo Mayer
Unearthing means to dig something up, to uncover it and bring it to light. It is a transitive verb, an archaeological action onto an object, often from the past; clearly, a method of artistic research. Through archival, fictional and performative examples, I propose Un·Earthing as a complimentary interpretation in relation to future life in outer space, akin to notions of un-learning or de-colonizing. Un·Earthing, used intransitive, is the transformational process humans have been starting to undergo since the Space Age by leaving Earth and at the same time, realizing our own planet’s importance for life, both human and non-human. Un·Earthing is triggered by the unknown, unprecedented distance & isolation, at same time it creates a new consciousness for caring and sharing.
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Mapping the Unseen(the virtual Mapping) (2022) Katrin Ackerl Konstantin
Mapping the Unseen investigated unseen, undiscussed topics - topics that are absent from public discourse, because of their implicit social taboo potential. The artistic research was carried out by means of mapping, encompassing performative interventions and an interactive archive. It was realised with artists and art groups in four countries: Croatia, Iran, Bangladesh and Austria. The research method was interwoven with transdisciplinary methods. Enabling a visualisation of the respective topics and generating dialogue through participatory processes were at the core of this project.
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