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Silence surrounds us, silence around us – on creativity in communication (2022) Erika Matsunami
Silence surrounds us, silence around us – on creativity in communication, which interacts with and addresses the theoretical and practical exploring of the artistic research for Green x (2022 –). Simultaneously, it might be possible to create an artistic method of intervention artistically, which aims at the theoretical level evolutionally. Is language the tool? If it is yes, what kind of tool is the language? Through the language, what can we produce and provide? Thereby, I address the topic of creativity in communication in reading silently, speech, and listening. On creativity in communication is a play to draw models. Thereby the leitmotif is "reading". Critical seeing in a model on reading subjectivity and objectivity at the online artistic representational level, Question for on creativity The research objective(s) is a future idea for physical space and its mobility within virtual space (potentiality) for a new type of idea for notation between tradition and modernity. In this aspect, towards international communication gaps between tradition and modernity, DADA solved the issue of communication and explored a new way of communication, that was not a philosophical metaphor, but rather that consisted of semiotics and semantics in the context of design, was creative. – New visual and auditory codes. Thereby I deal with “Tractatus logico-philosophicus”, that is a logic of nonsense by Wittgenstein in the theme of space, body and time. "Silence surrounds us, silence around us" is an artistic research series, after "N.N-Zwischenliegend", I have been started to explore in 2020, after the corona-pandemic.
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Dorsal Practices - Murky Back Thinking (2022) Emma Cocker
In progress Dorsal Practices — Murky Back Thinking is a collaboration between choreographer Katrina Brown and writer-artist Emma Cocker, for exploring the notion of dorsality in relation to how we as moving bodies orientate to self, others, world. How does cultivation of a back-oriented awareness and attitude shape and inform our experience of being-in-the-world? The dorsal orientation foregrounds active letting go, releasing, even de-privileging, of predominant social habits of uprightness and frontality — the head-oriented, sight-oriented, forward-facing, future-leaning tendencies of a culture intent on grasping a sense of the world through naming and control. Rather than a mode of withdrawal, of turning one’s back, how might a backwards-leaning orientation support an open and receptive ethics of relation? How are experiences of listening, voicing, thinking, shaped differently through this tilt of awareness and attention towards the back?
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Finding the place and time to say goodbye (2022) Madelief van de Beek
By researching crematoria and graveyards I try to break the taboo surrounding grief and death. What are the elements of design at these places that could provide comfort? What are the stereotypes about death culture that prevents us from fully excepting what happens to us when we die?
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SAR 2021 presentation - for Imani Rameses (2022) Imani Rameses
Your morning routine probably consists of waking up, heading to the loo, washing your hands, face, and teeth, then proceeding to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. You’ll repeat this routine tomorrow but this time, I invite you to perform blindfolded.
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An Index of Un·Earthing: log entries towards the decolonization of outer space (2022) Ralo Mayer
Unearthing means to dig something up, to uncover it and bring it to light. It is a transitive verb, an archaeological action onto an object, often from the past; clearly, a method of artistic research. Through archival, fictional and performative examples, I propose Un·Earthing as a complimentary interpretation in relation to future life in outer space, akin to notions of un-learning or de-colonizing. Un·Earthing, used intransitive, is the transformational process humans have been starting to undergo since the Space Age by leaving Earth and at the same time, realizing our own planet’s importance for life, both human and non-human. Un·Earthing is triggered by the unknown, unprecedented distance & isolation, at same time it creates a new consciousness for caring and sharing.
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Mapping the Unseen(the virtual Mapping) (2022) Katrin Ackerl Konstantin
Mapping the Unseen investigated unseen, undiscussed topics - topics that are absent from public discourse, because of their implicit social taboo potential. The artistic research was carried out by means of mapping, encompassing performative interventions and an interactive archive. It was realised with artists and art groups in four countries: Croatia, Iran, Bangladesh and Austria. The research method was interwoven with transdisciplinary methods. Enabling a visualisation of the respective topics and generating dialogue through participatory processes were at the core of this project.
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