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This research aims to turn the individual reading experience into a collective one by designing preformative encounters through literature and focusing on the main topics of home and belonging. The research argument revolves around the many ways we can read a text collectively by creating a space of social engagement and the possibilities for people to react to these texts through discussions, writing and drawing. There is a use of political texts to speak without fear and give the reader the ability to connect to societal and political rights in their own cities. The intention is to specifically discuss publicly the different perspectives on the subject matter by highlighting the Palestinians’ suffering and what has happened over the past years in Palestine, as a result of the 1948 Catastrophe, which translates into “Al-Nakba” in Arabic. A set of famous Palestinian cities, Haifa and Akka, that were lost due to forceful eviction of their inhabitants in 1948 show empowering stories of a life of struggles and longing for return. Using texts as tactics is a bridge to discuss politics in the city and have the right to change ourselves and through that change, also have an effect on reshaping the cities we live in.
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Reflective Roaming – Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality (2023) Albert Cheng-Syun Tang
We click, we swipe, we scroll, we look for. We follow, we register, we log in, we give away. We post, we like, we wait, we reload. We search, we stare, we roam, we place order. We are guided, we are informed, we are visualized. We are indexed, we are analyzed, we are regulated. We are fed, we are conditioned, we are informatized. Are we individualizing or being individualized? Are we consuming or being consumed? Are we controlling or being controlled? Are we working or being worked? Are we living or being lived? Are we feeling connected after all? The artistic research project Reflective Roaming — Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality is a critical inquiry into our conditions of living and being in the relationship between the “designing” and the “designed” in the contemporary informatized everyday. In this project, design is positioned as a means to question the status quo of the technocratic promises that fundamentally shapes personal, economical and socio-political dimensions in our everyday lives. What is the consequences of being fully engaged with the technological visions presented by tech corporate institutions? How is humanity positioned in the intersection of information technology and market? What does it mean to be human in the eyes of machines and, the ones behind? Through foregrounding the unseen technological operations by visualizing and revealing the invisible relationships between design, information economy and humanity, the research processes and the artistic outcome Human Conditions investigated our (un)willingness of being physically and emotionally digitized and informatized, the relationship between the mediated desires and the ones who drive them, and the contemporary conditions of being in the ever-expanding, networked fabrication of almost every aspect of everyday life.
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ARTikulationen 2023 (2023) Jessica Kaiser, Deniz Peters, Sara Kebe Cerpes
ARTikulationen 2023 is an artistic research event conceived and organised by the Doctoral School for Artistic Research (KWDS) of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG). It takes place at Theater im Palais, Graz, 04–07 October 2023. ARTikulationen interweaves in-depth presentations of very recent artistic research and findings, a festival character, and a mini-symposium – this year on matters of interdisciplinarity and interconnectedness of research practices with the (sound) environment, nature, and other living beings („Researching Across“).
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The Garage Tapes (2023) Tor Einar Bekken
Exploring the sound of the parking garage in the building where I live, using cheap Casio electric keyboards, low end melodicas and a recorder. All instruments, electronic or not, have been played live in the garage as if they were purely acoustic instruments, making this an artistic exposition exclusively, intended to make people consider and reflect upon what can be done with humble instruments in the right sonic environment. Videos shot with an iPhone 5. No overdubs, mix, mastering or other tampering with the actual sound.
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RAPP Lab Outcomes (2023) Evelyn Buyken, Carla Conti, Sybille Fraquelli, Stella Louise Goeke, Ivar Grydeland, Johannes Kretz, Theodore Parker
RAPP Lab was a three-year EU-funded research project supported by the ERASMUS+ programme "Strategic Partnerships". RAPP stands for "Reflection based Artistic Professional Practice". The project took forward through a series of multi-national encounters described as Labs. RAPP Lab explored how the reflective methodologies of Artistic Research empower musicians to creatively respond to the economic-cultural environment with which they are confronted. The project brought together the Artistic Research expertise of seven partner institutions in six different European states: Association Européenne des Conservatoires – AEC Bruxelles, Belgium Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia Rome, Italy Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia Tallinn, Estonia Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Cologne, Germany (as Coordinator) mdw – Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, Vienna, Austria Norges musikhøgskole, NMH Oslo, Norway Orpheus Instituut Ghent, Belgium
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