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“Ich möchte über das Pathos hinaus die Bewegung ordnen.“

– Das bildnerische Denken,

Paul Klee, September 1914

Elements and components


Association and its spatiality

The starting point of the idea:

Revision of R(adius) monographically to transform into eternity:

As an idea, it is not wrong, that there is the paradox between humanities and science. It is the same in Cassirer's for Einstein's.

Cassirer's methodology for solving the paradox, negotiation and awareness towards science is important by arts and humanities in relation to science.


What is pleasure for us which is an important element x in our life?

The open research question:

If things (Dinge) are ugly, moreover, if something wriggles in things, is it something in what?    

Socio-critical subjects and/or their socio-political context(s)

Zeitwahrnehmung / Time perception