Here, I am referring to the ethics of "Digital Humanity" in the context of digital humanities, that we (humans) explore in industrial countries, such as the ethics of communication online (with AI).

There are two narratives here. One is the review written about the movie and the pictures of Liza's daily life in Ukraine. Both events were digital experiences to me, one is by reading and the other is by seeing and writing.

Specifically, I will write about the narrative on the next page.

The things, I described and designed simply that, are the objects, the relationships between the objects, and the time. The event is in this space.

Keywords: transversality, subjectivity and objectivity, spatiality, time and space, virtuality and reality

Physically, Lisa gave birth to Miron in Odessa as scheduled safely just after a Russian rocket attack.

My topics are on nature in terms of microorganism and its environment. In Ukrainian's research, after the accident of chernobyl biologically.

Lsa and me were working on the nature between Hiroshima, Berlin and Odessa, on the procedure from tradition to modernity.

We had to stop to explore, due to the Russian attack against Ukraine.

Stillleben/Still life will maybe never (be able to) finish...

Stillleben/Still life

Digital and physical Artbook

For people in the future

This is a reworked draft of AI anarchy* in 2022.

for Solo + AI

for Duo + AI

*AI anarchy is academic anarchy, but it might be possible to have a potential great role in decolonization and equality in terms of digital humanities.

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skizze ->

biology and ecology towards posthumanism from the critical aspect.


explanation ->

All stories have an end and a beginning.

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Digital humanities is a new study of a platform between computer science and humanities. However, it is still in the Anglo-American and Eurocentric aspects of the global digital world.

The computer language is Alphabet centred language, which is based on the English language system.

problem-solving game, not a win-lose game, crerativity for problem-solving

This is a truly daunting task.

tolerance and awareness

to deal politically

-> Knowledge, creativity and skills


A world without beauty competition globally:

Is 'beauty' common sense? or an individual sense?

Big Data

Economic change

Out of Big Data

e.g. NFT art and its community (specially since 2021)

There are the virtual NFT art foundation, NFT art gallery and NFT art auction in visual arts and performing arts. - Global Vrtual Art World

Without  commercial value

One of current digital culture and will be mainly more and more.

Learning digital and teaching digital on digitalization:

What is 'post-human' philosophically?
A world without substance.

What is existence?

Thereby, it is to me, this question What is existence in digitalization? addresses Cassirer's and many others.

(Classical) Philosophical phenomenology does not help me with this question 'What is existence in digitalization?'.

(Classical) Philosophical phenomenology does not help me with this question 'What is existence in digitalization?'. -> Neo-Kantian's autonomy, free will

"How to use" methodologically will lose autonomy, and will be just automatically.

Human has autopsies biologically, in each context, humans have Widerstand/resistance is a natural living physically and mentally.

'What is the existence of digitalization in virtuality and biological existence in physicality?'



Exploring Blockchain:
Is NFT art on the blockchain?

NFTs are units of data (unique code) that provide a secure record of ownership on a blockchain infrastructure (examples are Ethereum or Solana). NFTs, which stand for non-fungible tokens, are often associated with a digital asset like an image or video that lives on a blockchain.

Let's live with our feet on the ground


Global south

Time is the 4th Dimension.