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I design this site currently, how to express the relation and connection between topics simply and encode these topics visually.

All stories have an end and a beginning.



Leitmotiv is 'imagination', and to be beyond imagination. In the 21st century, if it is Neo-Renaissance, that x  is 'life', not god.

In variation I, I dealt with the topic of envisioning. However, envisioning is rather the topic of visual arts.

The question thereby is "What is life?".

Will you be able to describe life, and respond to the question "What is life?".

It's the artist's task to simply translate these into the creative code. -> Spatial aesthetics in cognitive linguistics


There is nothing to change, only we will be able to be changing (generating in the environment) -> Will

-> B.O.D.Y.

Starting point of a.o.i. - lasting memories

There are four workbooks, as well as sketches, and notes.

workbook I ->


tu fui ego eris.

Memory of DNA