Max Eastley

 transforms his topic of 'wind' into cognitive coding(s)

Recordings of the latex string

Recordings of the wind harps

On wind, a trans-coding from invisible to visible

風鈴/wind bell(Fūrinwind chime

- The procedure and its transforming

- From a metaphysical aspect

- On randomness and MA (間)

- Imagination in the arts


- Environmental Uniqueness


- What is an artwork?



Rondamness and MA (間)

Artistic research Variation III

Max Eastley is a composer from the late 20th century to the 21st century, which organises the components in an environment and represents the sound composition. Characteristic, his work is cross to Iannis Xenakis (virtual) in the context of visual arts, music and architecture, but it is in an opposed way of representation (physical).


The proposal for Das Bauhaus Lab 2021:

the After the corona pandemic, we will go in this way with more and more certainty. I approached the Bauhaus foundation with my proposal for the program Das Bauhaus Lab in 2021 for the year 2021. After then, I attended the workshop of the Bauhaus foundation in 2021, thus I understood, why and when they had turned from their original ideas. (Because of the national politics in the democracy and its policy, especially, in the architecture.)

In 2022, I started a new restart after the corona pandemic.

From the original aspect of Bauhaus, I see the artwork of Max Elastley is very near to the idea of Bauhaus.



Nanay, Bence, Aesthetics as philosophy of perception, Oxford: OUP, 2016


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