Sound/Sonic composition

Research project 1 on electronic sound:

The starting point of this research project is sine wave 440 Hz for the timbre/Klangfarbe

I explore the sound/sonic composition (Klang Kunst) in the context of heritage technology.

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empty city

I will upload the sound files on RC for archving soon, currently, I am conciving the editing for the publication on JAR.

Logic, Unlogic and Random in Sound Organisation


Mixing colours, layers of colours:

Mixing colours (pigments) will be closer to dark grey.
For light, it will be transparent.
For sound, it is noise.

Character in Fine Arts, which is not symbolic, rather cognitive.

Research project 2 on electro-acoustic sound:



MA (間)

Logic and Unlogic

Time (and its Modeling) -> rhythmical

Time and Space


Sound composition ES (it) 2021/22