Theoretical exploring: on articulation

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E=mc2, Equation and Einstein's idea:
Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.
Energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable.

Einstein said "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. "

Sine wave as material today:

Humans are using it from health care, via enjoyment of communication to weapons.

Dimension of space in nature

Dimension of space in the brain

The sound is transmitted by vibration in the air. We also feel the sound through the skin.

The source of a sound vibrates, bumping into nearby air molecules which in turn bump into their neighbours, and so forth. This results in a wave of vibrations travelling through the air to the eardrum, which in turn also vibrates.

Thereby, I need to explain 'matter' in materiality, in terms of digital sound, which is a new sound source, that applies to the digital image as well.
The digital material in art, that is for us humans a new synthetic 'matter'. (Today's art teaching commonly -> cognition in epistemology)
Sound is represented us through vibration, and Image is represented us through light emission.

Cutaneous sensation is mediated by topographically distributed receptors of several kinds, innervated by different classes of afferent nerve fibers. These receptors are distributed in a grid pattern in the epidermis and dermis (Fig. 42-1; also see Chapters 8 and 34).

Vibration: Vibration in the skin is experienced when rapidly adapting touch sensors are stimulated rhythmically, for example when the hand strokes a texture, or when one sits on a chair and a truck is driving by, causing vibration of the floor. Receptor organs in the upper layer of the skin are sensitive to low frequency stimulation, the deeper receptors to high frequency stimulation (Sekuler and Blake, 1994).


There is no F (function) in this articulation physically resp. in physics.

It aims for transversality as well as exploring transversal aesthetics. In phenomenology, it has been researched between  'invisible and visible' or/and 'visible and invisible' phenomena.
'invisible and visible' or/and 'visible and invisible' in my research refers to transversal aesthetics, that challenge for and in 'being'.
It is my suggestion for 'coexistence' in an environment, which is not in a specific context.

Why does this articulation address (ent-) feminism? This existence of cycle geometry* addresses post-feminism. – From feminism to femininity, as well as from patriarchy to masculinity
*The study of cycle geometry in mathematics is not on symmetry, but rather it involves symmetry.


'Silence' is an introspective state into noise, that is the most active will(ness) in the mind, everyone has in everyday life.


Post-feminism in gender study is such as gender share public toilet.

No role of the mother and the father, the parents are each individual person.

A society will be built on mutual respect by individuals.

Today's transmedia in the 21st century:

When you transcend Alvin Lucier's musical ethics, it becomes ultrasonic today.
So, the research for musical ethics today is about "what is music?".
What humans cannot hear is not music. But from a phenomenological point of view, transcendental events are also categories.
Because the body feels the vibration of the wave. This is where neuroscience becomes important more and more.
What is ultrasonic?
It is used in medicine for the examination of the body.
In my artistic research, as well as in the visual arts, I use the machine that is under the controlled norm. It is possible to measure, but they don't represent over the limit.  So, the representation of music is music, and visual arts is visual arts.

Currently, I am exploring artwork that won't be able to be inspired epistemologically, but rather I am exploring "imagination". -> Surrealism

The articulation has also an important role in the current world order. The limitation of world unity divided into West and East within the vertical social structures.

Theory of Relativity in six sentences