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Project Geometrische Ansichten



 Devils, angels, gods, and even war all depend on humans in the narrativity.

On materiality in the art: how we deal with material/stoff in the matter and that subject in terms of social context or other within or without of the context of.

'What is nature?', 'What is coexistence?', 'What is life?', in the music composition, might possible to question. It applies also to the visual arts. The world consists of the components of nature.


One of the reasons why articulation became male artists is that after the war, in the art world, masculinity and femininity in the Renaissance have been switched.


On gender, my question is thereby 'What is a man?' and 'What is a woman? '

Gender Identity?, Cultural Identity?, Hormones?, Chromosomes?, Socialization?, and so on.

'What is Chromosome?'

on environmental genetic reasons in my research context in Fine arts/liberal arts and cognitive linguistics, is practical work for the geometry of sustained/Geometrie der Nachhaltigen


Environmental seeing from the inside of the body