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What is 'Performance' in the art?

Performance in a.o.i. - lasting memories

It may be a "directly artistic act of expression that anyone can do", or  it may be an "expressive act that requires special technical ability", or it may be an "expressive act that is based on interpretation".  Performance is also something that has not been clearly studied.  It is probably the least researched area in the field of art.
However, in some cultures, performance holds the highest cultural significance, that called "ceremoniality" or "Rituality". (The theatre play is the piece, not a performance, but rather it is in which art field in relation to the film.)

After the war, in contemporary art in the Western, there was a cultural evolution called "performative" from a sociological perspective, that related to the language evolution. -> Roland Barthles

Artistic research Untitled* a.o.i. - lasting memories

A current question for improvisation is: What is improvisation? with the artistic research project a.o.i. - lasting memories, an improvisation performance with Chris Dahlgren.
With AI or without AI?
If we play with AI, between us? It's a question of time
– “Time does not return, it fluxs, but it lies in between in the natural system.”

*lie is “to be in a horizontal position”
*lay is “non-default”