Digital drawing

From the perspective of cultural research, I am a research member of the Nordic Aesthetic Society, so my methodology is to return to the original. Hence, Dogen and Zeami. Shinto is the word "Koto no ha (言の葉)" and what overlaps with Zeami is that it is very sensual (sensational) such as from the perspective in linguistics. That was Japanese.


A starting point of my recent artistic research theoretically and practically:

1. Notation: Turn ideas into digital objects (virtualization).
2. Theorizing methods and materials for implementing digital objects (virtual objects).
3. Morphology and visual symbolization (significance/Sinn, i.e. based on Braille, is similar to Siebel in linguistics) of objects using circular algorithms and flux structures
4. Ethics (hand-writing in topological transformation to digitalisation (cording)) and aesthetics of spatial installations (epistemological research of architectural spaces and objects)
5. Art play and communication (communication and creativity between visually disability and non-disability), on the topic of equality (Research question What is equality? deal with transversal aesthetics).