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ARC_view (2022) Ilya Ziblat Shay
Welcome to ARC_view, an online documentation project of the ARC (art_research_convergence) sessions. ARC is the platform of Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts and the University of the Arts The Hague for the active communication of artistic research. This exposition seeks not only to document the ARC sessions, but to create a virtual extension of the themes and content: lectures, book presentations, performances, and the different discourses developed by the participants of the events. The blog is gradually updated after each ARC session. You can also learn about future events (read forthcoming session's abstracts).
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Silence surrounds us, silence around us – on creativity in communication (2022) Erika Matsunami
Silence surrounds us, silence around us – on creativity in communication, which interacts with and addresses the theoretical and practical exploring of the artistic research for Green x (2022 –). Simultaneously, it might be possible to create an artistic method of intervention artistically, which aims at the theoretical level evolutionally. Is language the tool? If it is yes, what kind of tool is the language? Through the language, what can we produce and provide? Thereby, I address the topic of creativity in communication in reading silently, speech, and listening. On creativity in communication is a play to draw models. Thereby the leitmotif is "reading". Critical seeing in a model on reading subjectivity and objectivity at the online artistic representational level, Question for on creativity The research objective(s) is a future idea for physical space and its mobility within virtual space (potentiality) for a new type of idea for notation between tradition and modernity. In this aspect, towards international communication gaps between tradition and modernity, DADA solved the issue of communication and explored a new way of communication, that was not a philosophical metaphor, but rather that consisted of semiotics and semantics in the context of design, was creative. – New visual and auditory codes. Thereby I deal with “Tractatus logico-philosophicus”, that is a logic of nonsense by Wittgenstein in the theme of space, body and time. "Silence surrounds us, silence around us" is an artistic research series, after "N.N-Zwischenliegend", I have been started to explore in 2020, after the corona-pandemic.
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Hybridising Autoethnography with Computational Analysis in Site Specific Outdoor Sound Installations (2022) Natasha Barrett
This exposition documents three site specific outdoor sound installations that aim to establish a new awareness of our environment. Sound penetrates our outdoor spaces. Much of it we ignore amidst our fast passage from place to place, its qualities too quiet or fleeting to pay heed to above the bustle of our own thoughts, or we may experience the sounds as an annoyance. Manoeuvring our listening to be excited by its features is not so easy. Using a high-definition 3D microphone (EigenMike EM32 from MhAcoustics), I capture the sound-fields of public spaces and break them down analytically. I then explore how to reveal interesting features of time and space that the ear’s and body’s short-term experiential awareness are less able to grasp, and create site specific sound-installations for public spaces. The installations are made in ambisonics and played over a partly hidden 8-channel loudspeaker array, and a custom designed mini beam-forming loudspeaker. Combined, these technologies layer a new enhanced 3D sound-world into the existing space, and highlight acoustic features through the combination of sound-type and reflectivity. The installations apply my own methods for hybridising autoethnography with computational analysis developed in the Reconfiguring the Landscape Research Project.
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Multiple Perceptions of the Everyday Unfolded: The Case Study of Sunnyside (2022) Matilde Meireles
This article introduces the project "Sunnyside", an album and composition created using extended recording techniques inside the domestic space of my home during the initial Covid-19 lockdown in Belfast in 2020. While there was widespread public discourse around the ways in which public and outdoor spaces were changing during the pandemic, there was relatively little discussion concerning the changes occurring in indoor and domestic spaces. "Sunnyside" was an attempt to sense, analyze, and represent those changes and examine what they might mean. The following discussion draws on ideas of critical phonography, systems theory, situated knowledge, and interconnectivity to illustrate the project’s refusal of the physical boundaries of the home under lockdown. This critical reflection on everyday routines underscores the project’s relationship with memory, place, and the sonic documentation of everyday personal auditory experiences while opening up a discussion about social networks, both immediate and distributed.
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Home page JSS (2022) Journal of Sonic Studies
Home page of the Journal of Sonic Studies
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Green thing - part 3 (2022) d+g
Green Thing - double forever - VIS draft exposition Green Thing is an ongoing collaborative art work, a negotiated creative exchange, between 2 artists, who are also daughter and father; actively engaging in a dialogue about Green Things. ‘Greeness’ is explored in relation to how this manifests and develops symbolically, physically, historically, and within each of our practices. Creating, documenting, performing and sharing exploratory processes: collaboratively producing an evolving, palimpsestic work. We recently completed a remote, online iteration of this project, Green Thing pt.2 [Green thing pt. 1 was undertaken in March 2020 in the Pipe Factory, Glasgow] while in residence at 2/42 Studios, in the Pipe Factory, Glasgow as part of their Remote Series: work accumulated daily over the span of one week, created by both Higgins’ (Glasgow and Sheffield), in tandem, but apart, which culminated on Thurs 16th at 19.30-20.30PM (UK) with a live online screening and conversation. We Green Thing pt.3 - double forever - will be extracting conversations, dialogues, and forms to mould a further iteration. Green becomes contagious in this way. The work multiplies, fluctuates, is transmitted between one another, released upon the public. It mutates and it passes back between us, it divides and multiplies. After the last iteration, we couldn’t stop seeing Green. It is palimpsestically created, not only because we write over one another, talk over one another, and create together and in relay, but because we are palimpsestic. Our relationship by its very nature means that, whilst we have many different lived experiences, it is essentially shared. We literally share blood and guts. This genetic presupposition results in eerie, unspoken tangents and patterns. It also proves great distinctions. Further from Green thing pt.2, - double forever - will more directly bring together themes around Green, Space, Bile, and Solidarity, to reflect the cyclical interrelational relationship each of these areas have with one another. Right now, green space looks and feels very different than it used to, bile is seen in a heightened state, and solidarity is more important than ever - but we cannot translate these things as we would instinctively; humans have to interact differently. The Greeness within this is rife and key to understanding the progression of psychological, geographical shifts in society as we see it. Green Thing pt.3 - double forever - whilst explorative in its very essence, feels a formalisation of this palimpsest, although still created in perpetual transmission utilised and exploited through the research catalogue as a framework for it’s latest form….A dialogue produced between us through various online platforms - remotely.realised etc ….is the world we are in, …… be formed through and in the RC
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