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Mend/Blend/Attend. SAR 2022 Proceedings (2024) 13th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research
The 13th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research took place from 30th of June until 3rd of July, 2022, for the first time in Germany at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The conference consisted of a 24-hour online event and three days of live, on-site events in Weimar.
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The exposition explores radical softness as the step-stone for our artistic practices and work produced. The program took place where the forest meets the sea in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden.
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Illuminating the Non-Representable (2024) Hilde Kramer
Illustration as research from within the field is of relatively new practice. The illustrators discourse on representation (Yannicopoulou & Alaca 2018 ), theory (Doyle, Grove and Sherman 2018, Male 2019, Gannon and Fauchon 2021), and critical writing on illustration practice was hardly found before The Journal of Illustration was first issued in 2014, followed by artistic research through illustration (Black, 2014; Rysjedal, 2019; Spicer, 2019). This research project developed as response to a rise in hate crime towards refugees and the targeting of European Jews in recent decade. A pilot project (This Is a Human Being 2016-2019) treated how narratives of the Holocaust may avoid contributing to overwriting of history or cultural appropriation. Asking how illustration in an expanded approach may communicate profound human issues typically considered unrepresentable, this new project hopes to explore representation and the narratives of “us” and “the others” in the contemporary world through illustration as starting-point for cross-disciplinary projects. The participants from different disciplines, have interacted democratically on common humanist themes to explore the transformative role of illustration in contemporary communication. our projects should afford contemplation of illustration as an enhanced, decelerated way of looking; and drawing as a process for understanding - a way of engaging in understanding the other, as much as expressing one’s own needs (McCartney, 2016). This AR project consisted of three symposia and three work packages, and the artistic research unfolded in the symbiosis of these elements. Our investigation of illustration across media and materials continues as dissemination and exhibitions even after the conclusion of the work packages in 2024.
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Beyond Words: Transformations of 'Hamlet' (2024) Eliana Polvere
This paper proposes a reworking of scenes 4 and 5 from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" through an interdisciplinary approach combining textual analysis and artistic production. The investigation begins with an analysis of key words extracted from the original text, conducted through the use of the AI KOBI platform. The reflections and suggestions that emerged from this phase played a key role in inspiring my creative process. The paper follows the research journey from its initial stage to its development and conclusion. The research culminates in the creation of a series photographic images transforming the concepts explored.
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Performing Precarity (2024) Laurence Crane, Anders Førisdal, LEA Ye Gyoung, Io A. Sivertsen, Lisa Streich, Jennifer Torrence and Ellen Ugelvik
To be a contemporary music performer today is to have a deeply fragmented practice. The performer’s role is no longer simply a matter of mastering her instrument and executing a score. Music practices are increasingly incorporating new instruments and technologies, methods of creating works, audience interaction and situations of interdependence between performer subjects. The performer finds herself unable to keep a sense of mastery over the performance. In other words, performing is increasingly precarious.
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WALKING BETWEEN WOR[L]DS WITH LINES is a workshop. It was delivered at Convocation II, Vienna, 2023, a gathering arranged and facilitated by the Language-Based Artistic Research Group. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this research is to explore how, in the absence of vision, the body, language and landscape combine to form a particular type of cartographic, text-informed, mental image in the mind, that is both a record of movement and a score for future object intra-actions. Ordinarily, I fill the role of blindfolded navigator, with a colleague playing the role of the sighted interlocutor. This activity flipped these roles, enabling me to utilise the experience I have acquired through navigating many forests without sight, to assist participants in navigating blindfold through the landscape of Convocation II, Zentrum Fokus Forschung (ZFF). The blurring of physical site and temporal event is deliberate here, the activity of navigating blindfolded with the body generatively blending with psychic travel in the mind. This is an opportunity for participants to think about how vision enables a particular version of the wor[l]d, and to speculate on what other kinds of wor[l]d might be possible in vision’s absence.
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