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Pondering with Pines - Miettii Mäntyjen Kanssa - Funderar med Furor (2023) Annette Arlander
This exposition documents my explorations of pondering with pine trees. Tämä ekspositio dokumentoi yritykseni miettiä mäntyjen kanssa. Den här ekspositionen dokumenterar mina försök att fundera med furor.
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Replicas (2023) Eleni Palogou
What triggered me to start this research is the multiplicity of reality. How something is represented, how it actually is and then how we all perceive it in our very own way. In that sense reality doesn’t exist, only versions of it. The lack of awareness of this multiplicity affects a lot our lives; what we believe, what we take as granted and how he behave.Through this practice based research I am experimenting on how to create moments of surprise and realization for the spectator. I work with copies and representations, replicas as I like to call them. The Replicas can be made of different materials, can be virtual or very physical. Until now I used scale models, mirrors and projections but the list is endless; so are the different ways to use the replicas or the impact that they will have. The way that the replicas are introduced to the spectator and their interaction is also very crucial in my work and another field to research. The movement and the body play a significant role to this. The special relationship that we have with our body, the way that we perceive it and how the movement can reset these relations and affect how we experience things.
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Glass Cities (excerpt) (2023) Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni
Excerpt from video art (1.5 hour long), with video and photography from three different cities, London, Athens and Venice. Created for Elica's live music performance, shown at Small Music Theatre, Athens, Greece, 2007. The aim of the process of making the video art was to remain and explore the surface of things when addressing historical changes. I used banal and seemingly unconnected photographic and video images for this purpose and effect.
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A LIST OF NIKOS KOKOLAKIS's WORKS, INCLUDING INSTRUMENTS OF THE OBOE FAMILY (March 2023). A list of Nikos Kokolakis's works, including instruments of the oboe family, was published for the first time, after a personal interview with the composer Nikos Kokolakis about his works, in the frame of a Ph.D. research, about Hellenic (Greek) Oboe Repertoire, of the Ph.D. candidate: Christos Tsogias-Razakov.
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Beyond Cut and Join - Expanding the creative role of film editing (2023) Kersti Grunditz Brennan
The research project Beyond Cut and Join – Expanding the creative role of film editing comes out of two major observations over decades of professional film editing experience: that a lot of film editing’s potential is untapped in filmmaking, especially in relation to character creation; and that editors’ skills, influence and authorial participation often are misunderstood and undervalued. Through editing practice and writing, this research explores an expanded role of editing by asking: 1. what can editing do to create characters; 2. what is a useful and challenging creative research design for exploring editing; and 3. what expanded description of film editing can be articulated for these explorations. The project aims to share, refine, and add to editing vocabulary by articulating creative strategies for shaping characters. It further aims to challenge notions of authorship in cinema by developing collaborative structures and artistic methods that benefit creative processes in the edit room. By demonstrating how significant the handprint of one individual editor is, the project’s final aim is to highlight the extent to which editors’ personal experiences influence their choices in composition of material. Outcomes of this project are filmmaking methods that place editing and collaboration in the forefront when weaving dramaturgy, aesthetics, and content creation processes that shape film characters and cinematic stories. The output of this research includes films, academic articles, personal essays, a video essay, and pedagogic applications. These outputs cumulatively demonstrate the artistry of the editor and the significance of editing.
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