Drawing Lulalä (2022) is a series (2022 –)

Geometrische Ansichten

This practical engagement with Geometric Views / Geometric Views has been starting since 2020 after the Corona Pandemic and is a passage between before and after the Corona Pandemic in my work on spatiality, its time and space in the environment. Namely, in an objective, it addresses the development of the research of geometry, which I have been transforming in the literary sense from the biological aspect. That is my artistic challenge of geometry in the sense of humanity, such as linguistic logic, feeling, etc in a sense. – How are we living with/in nature and its coexistence with all of us?

From bioological aspect

– from cognition to creating 'knowledge'

exploring research method

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Spatial Installation:  Es gab ein Baum, 2022


This draft is a study of sculpture.

Between virtual reality (without physical material) and physical reality. In this case, the metaphysical 'reality' does not work for artistic activity, but rather that is for the phenomenological thinking.


With today's engineering knowledge, materials and techniques, installation is almost possible. We can install all kind of form in a space.

Implementing such extreme forms is more instructive when considering resilience to natural disasters such as earthquakes.


1. in a room
The aim is for the mechanics in a cube space.

2. in outdoor
The aim is for the mechanics on the ground.

What can we learn from natural forms?

How do we learn from natural forms?

What kind of the knowledge will be explored in which academic and science disciplines?


-> Geometrie der Nachhaltigen

Exploring the shape and materiality in transversal aesthetics

About my exploration here:

Intervention between mathematical spatiality (virtual spatiality-artistic methodological based) and physical sense-based spatiality (for assemblage-artistic technical based)


About my exploration here:

This is a draft of a spatial installation to be installed inside the building (courtyard inside the building). It is the analogue calculation in the space at a building. I calculated the deflection of material and conjunctions between materials myself.

In my research, there are limited conditions for art objects. Its conditions comply with the German architectural law of buildings. Assumptions considered in the case of fire, accident, and youth crime prevention, heavy snow and heavy rain natural disasters. (Research on annual temperature changes such as below freezing, extreme heat, and humidity)

And the art object must emphasize the relationship between the design of the building and the material of the interior architecture.

The viewers of this art object are high school students in an international educational setting.

In this draft, I even studied mount techniques for installation on the floor.

On spatiality from the aspect of ecology

About design errors:
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