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On Klänge - Space, Time and Body (2021) Erika Matsunami
The start point of this artistic research is an artwork Corona-STEMS-GALAXYOMEGA (May 2020) by Lukas Huisman who a pianist and PhD in performing arts/piano in classic-modern music, he started to embodiment "Corona" (1962) by Takemitsu together with a composer and sound artist Patrick Housen newly. Huisman and Housen call Graphology duo. (Graphology duo is a musical performative duo formed by Patrick Housen with (live) electronics and Lukas Huisman with piano. I collaborate(d) with Housen as a visual artist for a sound installation in this artistic project. Thereby the artistic research "variation I" which relates to this artistic research on Klänge - Space, Time and Body, I as a visual artist, have been exploring the subject of time and space in "Corona" (1962) for pianist(s) by Toru Takemitsu for the exploration of new interpretations (variations). My practical contribution is a performance in the site-specific installation for the variation I ( "Corona" without Pianist for 4-ch discrete sound installation - an invisible sense "who is left to drift in the loneliness of the remaining scent." in 2020. Thus theoretical exploration is in terms of ongoing artistic research in the philosophy of sound. The aim of this artistic research On Klänge - Space, Time and Body is a new multi-layered open score "Variation I, II and III".
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Sound Processes / Mellite (2021) Hanns Holger Rutz
On the development of the computer music framework 'Sound Processes' and the workspace environment 'Mellite' in the context of the research project 'Algorithms that Matter'.
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Through Segments — Durchlässige Segmente (2021) Hanns Holger Rutz, David Pirrò, Ji Youn Kang, Daniele Pozzi
Through Segments is a sound installation in an unusual interstitial space—the staircase of the Kunsthaus’ Iron House that connects to the “Friendly Alien”. Four artists listen into the storeys using real-time computer algorithms, taking an acoustical image of the visitors’ movements, forming four individual reactions. It is a poetic attempt to think about the distributed, the fragmented, the parallel. During the development phase, the artists work independently, but at the same time they observe and interrogate each other, performing the gesture of a “simultaneous arrival” (Sara Ahmed). They enact a human algorithm, informed by reiteration and duplication but never being identical. The aim is not one “of all converging towards the same, but circulating, making common relaying, relaying back, being relayed” (Isabelle Stengers).
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Interimp (2021) Lisa Dillan
Denne nettsiden dokumenterer refleksjonsarbeid fra det kunstneriske utviklingsprosjektet Improvisasjon som møtepunkt i en intermedial kontekst (INTERIMP) – et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Norges musikkhøgskole (NMH) og Balletthøgskolen ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (KHiO), med ekstern finansiering fra det nasjonale Program for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid/Prosjektprogrammet (2012–2015). Prosjektdeltakere har vært musikerne Lisa Dillan, Sidsel Endresen (2012–2014) og Ivar Grydeland (alle NMH), og danserne Siri Jøntvedt, Cecilie Lindeman Steen og Ingunn Rimestad (alle KHiO). Formålet med prosjektet har vært å undersøke og øke bevisstheten rundt prosesser og problemstillinger som oppstår når improviserende dansere og musikere møtes på gulvet. Aktiviteten i prosjektet har bestått av arbeid på gulvet og arbeid på møterommet, og det har vært en gjensidig og kontinuerlig veksling mellom disse fasene. Utprøvinger og tester på gulvet har informert diskusjonene på møterommet, som igjen har generert nye utprøvinger og tester på gulvet.
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The Role of Sound as a Component of Urban Experience (2021) Greta Pundzaite
The Role of Sound as a Component of Urban Experience is an audio-video essay that approaches urban sound as study material for sensorial analysis. An experiential experiment is carried when retransforming/playing with sensorial components of an urban dweller. Research focuses on the record of urban sound in relation to image and its proximity to cinematic/cinematographic experience. Playing with sensorial components reveals not only their influence on our ever-day perceiving of urban space but also the aesthetical nature of casual walks in the city. In other words, an analytical approach to urban sound reveals how cinematic everyday urban experience is or how cinema's sensorial base finds itself in the one of an urban dweller.
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Ferry Experiment: Reading Line and Sound aims to grasp movement in different artistic elements and trace their interconnection. A sound of a ferry trip Lisbon-Berreiro is recorded as if from two differing ears of a passenger. One traces the movement of detailed noise inside while the other lowers itself to the machinery and gives an impulse of the repetitive swing of moving water. A drawing is created as a result, dismounted to its detail and used together with the sounds as a continuation searching itself in the movement of a body.
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