The Research Catalogue (RC) is a non-commercial, collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society for Artistic Research. The RC is free to use for artists and researchers. It serves also as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment, peer review workflows and research funding administration. It strives to be an open space for experimentation and exchange.

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Mosses Again a Source of Wonder, Room 18 (2024) Jessica Emsley
This marks the first of an anticipated sequence of iterative sharing of work within my PhD project, the methodology of which explores barefoot walking , analogue recording techniques, and a curation of indexical documents generated throughout.
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Illuminating the Non-Representable (2024) Hilde Kramer
Illustration as research from within the field is of relatively new practice. The illustrators discourse on representation (Yannicopoulou & Alaca 2018 ), theory (Doyle, Grove and Sherman 2018, Male 2019, Gannon and Fauchon 2021), and critical writing on illustration practice was hardly found before The Journal of Illustration was first issued in 2014, followed by artistic research through illustration (Black, 2014; Rysjedal, 2019; Spicer, 2019). This research project developed as response to a rise in hate crime towards refugees and the targeting of European Jews in recent decade. A pilot project (This Is a Human Being 2016-2019) treated how narratives of the Holocaust may avoid contributing to overwriting of history or cultural appropriation. Asking how illustration in an expanded approach may communicate profound human issues typically considered unrepresentable, this new project hopes to explore representation and the narratives of “us” and “the others” in the contemporary world through illustration as starting-point for cross-disciplinary projects. The participants from different disciplines, have interacted democratically on common humanist themes to explore the transformative role of illustration in contemporary communication. our projects should afford contemplation of illustration as an enhanced, decelerated way of looking; and drawing as a process for understanding - a way of engaging in understanding the other, as much as expressing one’s own needs (McCartney, 2016). This AR project consisted of three symposia and three work packages, and the artistic research unfolded in the symbiosis of these elements. Our investigation of illustration across media and materials continues as dissemination and exhibitions even after the conclusion of the work packages in 2024.
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Empty Space (2024) Barbora Haplova
This artistic post-master research explores interpretational possibilities of empty space. Combining literary and graphic creative work with documentary, personal and research background, the e-book asks a question how can we find connections between individual occurrences of empty space. Through bilingual essays, visual essays, and practical exercises, this work proposes the following perspectives: empty space as a mode of attention; nuanced individual interpretations of empty space as missing, coming together, not being, disappearing; empty space as a field designed to be filled; and the non-definition of empty space as accepting the unknowability of its possibilities.
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And _ Blinkbonny Avenue and strangeness of everyday life (2024) Niina Marjatta Turtola
This is a research project into building an artist book that uses typographic devices and page layout in construction a multilayered narrative. Everyday life and actual events are part of of the narrative backbone and this is mostly photographic material. Another layer consists on dialogues (verbal, email, etc) between 2015- and ongoing between the two researchers involved in the project. This is language-based written material. Third layer is the thematic context in building the actual book which happens in the academic presentations, performances and knowledge disseminations.
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The poetics of autopoiesis: visual arts, autonomy and artificial intelligence. (2024) bruno caldas
This exposition contains the manuscript and artistic components of the doctoral research project "The poetics of autopoiesis: visual arts, autonomy and artificial intelligence." The project aimed to explore the limits of creative autonomy in face of recent developments in generative visual artificial intelligence.
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