Practicing with Pines

performance 26.4.2022 as part of Seven of Seven festival in Myymälä2 Gallery

Video documentation of the streaming on Myymala 2 YouTube channel 

Transcripion of the text on video:

Maybe I should read this because you can't see, so: 

Helsinki twenty sixth of fourth  2022 Dear pine, I am writing to you from Myymälä 2 Gallery, from a performance event. I have never written to you before although I have written two other pines. And usually I tend to write to trees next to the trees. Now I am looking at your image, and myself swinging on your branch, or in a swing attached to your branch. I remember when I last time visited you on Örö Island and it was spring like now. I hope everything is fine with you there, on the island and I send you my greetings from the city, far away. Originally my plan or idea was to try to write with pine needles. I even collected some dry needles from the island. But, when I tried to form letters with pine needles they would not remain in place, and writing was even more slow and arduous than normally. So I abandoned that idea completely. When I think of you now, there, growing next to the road leading towards the south of the island, called Sotilaskodintie or the road of the soldier's home - the island used to be occupied by the military - I remember thinking of you as the perfect pine to attach a swing on, although your place near the road in the middle of nowhere made it unpractical. So I never came back to you after that one session with the swing. - Writing to you like this feels strange, almost abnormal, because I am used to writing next to you, or not you exactly, because I have never written to you, as I said, but to other pines. Sitting next to the pine writing  changes the practice into a conversation of sorts, because I can imagine that the thoughts that come to my mind, somehow come from you. That you are inscribing yourself into my letter to you. But now, here in this moment, in this gallery, I am only looking at your image. I cannot engage in any real conversation with you. On the other hand, that is how letters usually are written. Anyway, I want to thank you for the time I could spend with you in the swing, and I send you all my best wishes from Helsinki and hope that you will have productive and peaceful summer time. Greetings, AA.

Thank you. So, this was the end of the first part...