After three months of suffering, you, the dreamer, manage to escape from the torture of not sleeping inflicted on you in the External World. Or do you?
Driven by despair you arrive in the Realm of Amorphalia.  To the capital of the realm to be exact. Ruled by the Incubus through fear and terror, this city is a constantly changing place that continuously tries to entrap and seduce you, to prevent you from returning to the External World. To escape, you must learn the behavior of Amorphalia and its residents and become familiar with the pillars and bridges that must be protected to keep the balance between the two levels of existence.

Excuse me, I think I’m a bit lost. Could you help? – the figure you adressed turns to you. They look like a Magritte painting. No face, just a white scarf. But they do answer:


This is the City of the Incubus.