Well… It pretty much does have a branchie so probably yes, it's dead.


As you look more closely, you find a disorganized pile of books stacked on top of each other with some sheets of paper stuck between them. As you touch one of these papers, all the notes start squirming, as if they were trying to break free from the trap of the books. With a single movement of your arms, you sweep away the wobbly tower of books and set the papers free. They fly around joyfully, staying close to you. They are the Butterfly Notes. You can catch them with your cursor (gently!) to reveal their secrets. They will not hurt you, and you know that. Some of them rest benevolently on your left hand, and their slowly flapping wings seem to be inviting you to unfold and read them. However, as your gaze lands on them you hear something from upstairs that might be worth checking out or escaping from it

It’s no wonder that her head got stuffed with greens

I couldn't have waited much longer.


Let me help you
You can’t.
You’ll have to wait for him, you mustn’t get harmed.
But I’m strong, I can help!
 You’re not. You can’t.