As you enter the metal door, you find yourself in a completely different space and time.
You are sitting in a room, around a table with 12 other people. You know them. You are a team, you have trained to survive, and you have a survival strategy. Part of this plan is sitting around the table. You already know that the Incubus is approaching.  All of you sit still at the table. And the Incubus appears. Now it has the form of an octopus floating in the air. You only see it from the corners of your eyes, and you see that it’s not just an octopus. It’s a cyborg octopus with blades on its tentacles. It comes closer and closer to you, floating slowly in the air. You know that it can’t see you or attack you as long as you stay still. Motionless. It floats around the table near every one of you. The air freezes. You barely dare to breathe. But finally it goes away.

You sigh with relief. 

You change into a close-fitting black overall. It has protectors and keeps you warm. You head out of the room to discover the palace. You get out into a corridor and follow it. At one point you see a hall on your right. It has two gigantic pools in it, filled with some milky liquid… The surface reflects the sunlight falling in through a glass roof above. The whole room seems to be filled with glowing steam.
You keep following the corridor, and you reach a big space that seems like a warehouse with shelves towering to the skies. People are walking there, looking for food and clothing. It seems everybody here is kind of... stealing stuff they need.

You approach one of the shelves, but as you are about to take something, you look up and see the distant end of the row of shelves collapsing. People are running away in panic, like bombs are raining down. You turn around and run because you know

The Incubus is approaching.

The next moment you are going ascending a staircase. As you search desolate, half-destroyed floors, a certain thought crosses your mind. 

It’s coming again. You run upwards and upwards as fast as you can, without hesitation.
And you know that it now has taken the shape of a giant bear. 

You arrive at the top floor. Nothing here, just one small wooden door. You rip the door open and rush out. You are on the roof of the building. There is nothing but a television antenna about 15-20 steps away. You hear the bear running and panting on the stairs. You run over the rooftop and manage to keep your balance until you can grab the antenna. You hold on to it, facing the door that you came through.
The bear arrives with something like an explosion, breaking the fucking wall into pieces. And it stops in front of you. About ten feet away from you.
The bear doesn’t talk. But it looks at you and by kind of telepathy the bear transmits a message to you… It could be translated like this

– Stop running. You know I will catch you anyway.

And just when you understand this message you notice the roof next to you. It’s made of glass. You look back at the bear and instead of running, you jump and crash through the glass of the roof and fall into the pool you saw at the start of your journey. You fall into the milky white water. And when you come up to the surface you see another bear in the pool. You swim to the edge of the pool as fast as you can and run!

You almost lose your breath but manage to make it back to your team’s headquarters.
As you enter you see everybody sitting around the table. You  know what this means:
The Incubus.

You sit down, still panting.
One of your teammates arrives. He kneels down to take off his shoes and as he does, the cyborg-octopus appears. He notices that the air freezes and looks up with his head.
With that movement, he is sentenced to die. The cyborg octopus instantly shreds him into pieces. Then it splits into two. The octo-borgs are coming closer to you. You struggle to not breathe so heavily...
One of the octo-borgs pushes your chair and you fall off of it. You moved
. What do you do?