As you get closer to them you can’t help but overhear the weirdest conversation:

MAN No.1: I am very important.
WOMAN: Yes, darling, you are. That’s why you need someone like me, who is very refined.
MAN No.2: This coffee is the worst. We should go to that extremely expensive place after the performance.
WOMAN: Yes, darling, you are right, the coffee is terrible, but I think we should go to that other, even more expensive place to have a proper espresso macchiato after the play.

MAN No.1: I am a very important person!

At this moment you realize that you are standing right next to them. Like two inches away from them.

WOMAN: Excuse me, but who are you?
MAN No.1: Are you someone important around here?

You try to answer but you literally can’t open your mouth. It’s like the sugar you ate glued your lips together. When did you eat pure sugar, though?

MAN No.2: These theatre folks are so improper!
WOMAN: Yes, darling, you are right! Could you please go away?
MAN No.1: We are very important people!
MAN No.2: And we would like to drink this devastating coffee in peace if you don’t mind!