You recognize the voice you heard and your gaze becomes clouded. This voice... it’s your wife’s. And she is having fun with someone else in this fucking hippy house. You rip off the purple veil. You see a door and staircase and realize you are in the attic of a wooden building. You rush to the door to smash the face of whoever the fuck she’s giggling with!


You hear steps behind your back, so you turn around.

What you see is a strong and beautiful being, fear-inspiring and worthy to be worshipped. She is standing there wearing nothing but an open white cloak on her.

You fall to your knees before her as these words escape your lips:

I never thought I could be worthy of seeing a goddess.9

And everything goes dark, and you feel the falling that causes all your muscles to contract. Smaller and smaller until you are nearly an embryo falling into an eternal dark space.